Ida May.

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Ida May Yoga teacher

Ida May.

I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years, my first yoga class was in 2004 and since, I haven’t looked back. It all started in a small asthanga yoga studio in Turku, Finland where I studied dance and did hot yoga on the side. There’s no better feeling than sweating it all out, letting it all go and finding that time to stop, breath and connect. This is where I find yoga steps in.

I love to keep things moving by fusing poses. It’s all about finding that magical place of stillness in your mind and making the most of that wonderful connection between breath and body. In my class be prepared to work hard and discover new strengths you never knew you had! Feel the beat and go for it! Afterall, a balanced body and mind is the key to success.

My favourite yoga tracks vary, depending on the day, my mood or the season. At the moment I’m quite enjoying ‘Their Celebrations’ by This Will Destroy You.’ I know it sounds quite dramatic but they’ve got some beautiful tunes.

When I’m not teaching yoga you’ll find me dancing my way around the world! I’ve worked on a number of different projects from music videos to fashion shows and films – I love to keep myself busy and in tune with the rest of the world.
I love to flow through all of the asana poses and finish off with a beautiful savasana to sum it all up. This is where the practice sinks into a deeper level. I also absolutely love the (oh so!) rejuvenating headstand!

My guilty pleasure is… I LOVE barre.

I often live my life by this rule… Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens – feel the beat and just go for it… Afterall a balanced body and mind is the key to success!

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