Kasia Witek

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Yoga Teacher Kasia Witek

Kasia Witek

My name is Katarzyna Witek and people call me Kasia.
A lot of the time you can find me in a studio-whether it’s in a rehearsal; teaching yoga,taking a dance class or doing my own practice.

My journey to yoga begun with my mum when I was a teenager and led me through to my dance training. Seeing how dancers abilities improve as they cultivate their yoga practice and how my own body rebalanced after a number of dance related injuries, I decided to deepen the practice by taking a teachers training course.

I am deeply inspired by my students,
their achievements through struggle, sudden bursts of laughter and their release of emotions. There is nothing like the feeling of warmth and peaceful joy brought by a steady yoga practice.

During my teaching course I specialised in meditation within zen tradition. However through my years of dance training, I have also deeply focused on alignment and incorporating controlled transitions as an important part of the practice.

My style of teaching is a fusion of the steady and calm approach of zen tradition, with the passionate punch of a dance class. I had a brief romance with rocket yoga and the intense yogasana which are reflected in the constant flow of my class.

In class I love playing tabla or sitar music. Also upbeat and instrumental tunes like Bonobo. A bit of kirtan and anything that reminds us of long lazy summer evenings. Ooooooooommmmm…

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