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The benefits of hot yoga


Sweating on a regular basis allows the body to release toxins and waste from within and provides room for vital nutrients and hydration. It also naturally opens and cleanses the pores, creating a glowing complexion.

Stress release

Regular hot yoga practise allows you to check in on yourself emotionally. It’s a time for self awareness and focusing on where you are in your body. Sometimes the feelings within the class can be quite intense and within that intensity, the mind forgets the problems of the day. If you’re truly in the moment, your built up stresses and strains will melt away and an increased level of the serotonin hormone will leave you feeling reinvigorated and ready to face new challenges.

Weight loss & toning

It’s a common occurrence that when you go to a hot country you’ll find yourself eating less and the things you do eat are less calorie dense. Exercise within a heated environment can be the means to make substantial physical changes. The muscular and cardiovascular demands on the body, combined with an elevated metabolic rate (due to the heat) allows you to fundamentally change your body. After one or two classes you’ll notice that, before and after class, you’ll crave less junk food and eat more in line with what your body fundamentally requires. It is this critical combination of an increased metabolic rate; cardiovascular and muscular workouts with a reduced calorie intake that has seen so many people achieve their physical goals.

Increased flexibility

When you heat your body up, your muscles, tendons and ligaments increase in flexibility up to 25% and you’ll start to notice your body becoming more open and supple. Flexibility is a key factor in avoiding injury and allows your body to remain healthier for longer. Additionally, the tensions and emotional strains we experience in our everyday lives often manifest themselves in tightness in our body. People’s individual bodies reflect this in different ways – tightness in the shoulders, lower back pain or tension in the chest. Working within a heated environment allows us to work deeper on releasing and opening the body, promoting emotional strength, balance and confidence.