Yoga Centric Plans

*Yoga Centric reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee of £3.50 to all unlimited memberships. See Terms & Conditions.

Frequently asked Questions about Yoga Centric Plans

Please read our most commonly asked questions first!

What are the conditions for the Introductory Offer?

The Introductory offer is available to all clients who have not already purchased this particular offer previously. It allows the client admission to enjoy unlimited classes of their choice across both studios and every day for 14 consecutive days beginning on the day of purchase. The Introductory offer is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be suspended or extended.

What are the terms of the Class Pass packages?

All class cards can be bought and shared with a friend or colleague. Please speak to a member of our front of house team if you would like us to set this up. If you wish to extend the time in which you can use your purchased card, it can be extended for one month at an extra cost of £15.

My membership was suspended...

All (6 month plus) contracts can be suspended for exactly one month for free; each subsequent month of suspension is charged at £15 PCM.

15% discount available to students and unemployed

15% discount is available to students and the unemployed on provision of the relevant documents. This discount is only applicable on drop-ins and Class Card purchases. It is NOT applicable to contracts and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

I need private lessons

Yogacentric teachers are available for private lessons. Please contact the studio for further information.

What do you need to bring?

For women, comfortable workout clothing such as leggings or shorts and a top – anything that you’ll be happy sweating in!

Men wear shorts and an optional t-shirt.

The studio provides mats, but you will not be able to train without bringing water to drink and a towel to fully cover your mat. If you forget either of these, don’t worry, we have towels to hire and water to purchase.

Rules for a safe practise

Go at your own pace and rest when you need to.

Try not to eat any substantial meals 2 hours before class and remain hydrated.

During the class, try to sip rather than gulp down water.

It’s always good, post class, to eat food high in potassium (bananas, coconut water) and add a little salt to your meals to allow your body to replace that which was lost through sweating.

Getting late or can't make it to your next class?

Please remember,

– If you have not registered for the class 2 minutes before the class begins, your place may be given to someone on the waiting list.

– If you’re absent 3 times in a month without letting us know, you’ll be taken off the online booking system for 2 weeks.

– Yogacentric reserve the right to charge a fee of £3.50 to all  clients on unlimited class payment plans who late-cancel or are absent from class. There is no late cancellation fee on drop-in’s or class cards. If you late cancel, you simply lose the class.

All memberships and packages are subject to our Terms & Conditions. If you need more information about our plans and memberships please contact us or visit us for a chat.

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