Sports Massage with Maeve Quinn

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Yoga Centric Muswell Hill
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Downstairs inside Sweaty Betty.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage involves a specific combination of techniques which aim to improve performance, accelerate rehabilitation and recovery, and reduce the risk of future injury.

Treatment is based upon a thorough initial assessment, with a focus on the root cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. Specific techniques are selected based on your needs, including Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) for improvement of joint mobility and motor control, and Soft Tissue Release (STR) for treating distinct areas of tension and adhesion.

Sports Massage is particularly effective when used as part of a maintenance programme. Regular treatment will ensure soft tissue remains supple and performing at its optimum, with areas of restriction and tension being released before they become more of a problem.

The benefits of Sports Massage may include:

  • Increased lymphatic flow and circulation to necessary tissues
  • Improved metabolic waste removal (so quicker recovery after training)
  • Facilitation of optimum healing of strained muscles, ligaments & tendons
  • Reduction of pain, swelling and excess scar tissue
  • Reduction in muscle tension, soreness and stiffness
  • Sense of relaxation and improved sleep

About Maeve

As a competitive dancer from a young age, Maeve developed an early interest in the mechanics of the human body. She came across Sports Massage after picking up several injuries, and quickly realised how beneficial regular sports massage could be to both her recovery and performance.

Maeve went on to gain a degree in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Leeds, and further developed her knowledge by completing a Level 5 Diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage from the renowned North London School of Sports Massage.

She has since treated a wide range of clients, including office workers, full time parents, champion dancers and ultra-marathon runners. She has supported Great Ormond Street Hospital, providing cyclists with treatment after participating in the RideLondon event, as well as treating runners after the London Marathon in 2016.

Maeve is fully insured and a member of the Sports Massage Association.


Hour: £60
90 minute: £85

First time intro massage: £40
For all members of the studio, there is a £5 discount on all full-price massages.