Erika Charters.

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Erika Charters Yoga teacher

Erika Charters.

Yoga wasn’t my first discovery. I came across Pilates as a teenager first when training in dance and that was my first introduction to body/mind movement. I not only immediately felt the internal strengthening benefits but I also felt calm and centred after practicing.

Yoga came later, it gave me a place to merge the precision of pilates with larger poses and start building my internal strength outwards. What I love most about Yoga however is the journey it has set me upon… To live and work from a centred place, finding a continual flow in both my body and mind.

My classes focus on breathing, body alignment and efficient movement patterning. I concentrate on calming the mind and body whilst building stamina and strength from within allowing your body awareness to flourish and your movement to be free.

My favourite tunes to listen to, in and out of yoga classes include the likes of Rhye, Daughter and Bonobo – all for very different reasons and vibes.

When I’m not teaching I’m definitely a foodie and you’ll probably find me eating great food with greater company, drinking wonderful wine!

For yoga my favourite Asana pose would have to be Savasana, it’s relaxing and opens up both your mind and body.

For pilates it would have to be the Scissors pose – it’s tough and keeps your body strong and stretched… Perfect!

Napping is key to rejuvenation in my world – although some might say it’s some what of a guilty pleasure…

The words I live by both on and off the mat are: Change what you can, let go of what you can’t, appreciate what you have, envision what you want and enjoy the process.

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