Hannah Grand

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Yoga teacher Hannah Grand

Hannah Grand

I am a Pilates teacher, however I like to practice yoga as much as I can.  Yoga helped me find my strength when I needed rehabilitation after an operation.  I find the essence of both practices adds value to my body and mind.  I was inspired to teach Pilates after practicing it while training as a dancer.  It alleviated my injuries, taught me to use my deep core muscles, changed my posture and inspired me to be an intelligent dancer.

Life can be frantic and busy and we sometimes forget to appreciate our most important tool, our body.  So I love watching people take time out to engage with themselves.  It is true what they say, ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’ and to see smiles on peoples’ faces as a wave of tranquility washes over them at the end of class as they find their centre makes me happy.

My classes specialise in mindfulness movement.  Why do we do the exercise, what it is achieving and how we move dynamically?  I focus on a balance of stamina building and strengthening with control.  I like to allow the whole body to find it’s voice, so I do a class that utilises as many muscles as it can in order to radiate out from within.

I learnt that all the energy in the universe cannot be destroyed, only transferred.  I find this inspiring and fascinating so like to use this ethos when people practice.  Everything is connected, energy is transferred, so I like people to give out and transfer as much positive energy as possible for themselves.

I love to play music that moves me.  Some of my all time favourites are Mark Cohn (Walking in Memphis), London Grammar (Strong) and Atlas (Indian).

Favourite posture in Yoga is Tree pose and in Pilates my favourite is the Teaser.

What could I not do without?  Nature.

When I’m not on the mat you will probably find me walking in the park.

My vice?!  A cuppa tea and custard creams!

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