Rebecca Spooner

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Yoga Teacher Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner

From growing up in Somerset, the land of farms and fields, I started practicing yoga when I was training to become a dancer to help aid with my strength and flexibility.  My friends and family started asking me body related questions, i.e. how do I get rid of back ache, how do I become more toned and I realised that all of the answers I was giving them came from my understanding of yoga and that I really enjoyed showing people how to make themselves feel better inside and out.  It was a no brainer after that.

My favorite part of teaching is when I see a students reaction after they nail a posture they have been working on.  I tend to teach a challenging slow flow class, taking inspiration from Jivamukti’s pace and format.  I specialise in Vinyasa flow, Hatha yoga, Rocket and Ashtanga.

My favourite part of my yoga practice is backbends.

I like to play spiritual music and often create my own playlists of folk and ska.

When I’m not on the mat I’m at home playing with my cats.

Guilty pleasure? Consuming large amounts of chocolate for breakfast!

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