Ude Okoye.

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Ude Okoye Yoga teacher

Ude Okoye.

I started doing yoga because I was injured and also because I wanted to get more flexible. Later on I noticed it made me calmer; I slept better and I was stronger. I kept finding different reasons why it was good for me.

What you can expect from my classes at Yogacentric is simply the passing on of my yoga experience. I try to emphasise simplicity and clarity so as a student you can remain calm and focused. The aim is you move forward with your practice in every class. In addition, my aim is to support you as much as possible through observation and coaching. Every body needs different things so I remain non-judgemental and offer my experience to listening ears.

I love older music, soul, funk, hip hop, 80s pop and rock classics-what’s on my phone at the time.

When I’m not on the mat? Dancing, eating, training and sleeping. In that order. My guilty pleasure is tea and biscuits.

My words to live by are: Fear less. Hope more. Eat less. Chew more. Whine less. Breathe more. Talk less. Say more. Love more and all good things will be yours.

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