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I was introduced to yoga at drama school, and later to Bikram yoga, which I loved and loathed in equal measure.As a fast paced person I used to struggle: with the heat, the discipline, and above all the savasana at the end- with being still. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I branched out to try other styles of yoga. It was transformative. To practice with music, to flow from one posture to the next, to practice slowly, to feel as though one’s dancing, play with arm balances and fly! I then took a teacher training course in hot vinyasa flow, and indulged my new found love at every opportunity. I learned that through doing less, through pushing less, by being more forgiving with myself and my body, I could go deeper. It was a valuable lesson, and one i would like to pass on.

In my classes I hope to inject a sense of fun and playfulness. My own practice transformed when I learned not to take it so seriously. That it’s ok to fall, and that through falling and laughing and trying again, we learn. I love to hear laughter in my classes. I want people to not be afraid to try something they’ve never tried before. And to know there is a level for everybody.

My guilty pleasure is making playlists- I’m passionate about music. It’s my procrastination tool. And thanks to my guilty pleasure, I have a vast array of playlists for yoga. Some recurring favourites are – Africa- Tribal Dance, New Format Jazz- Time, L.O.V.E- Degiguegi, Didgeridoo- Buddha Bar Edit, Press to Continue- Darkhouse Family, Green Arrow- Yo La Tengo.

When I’m not on the mat I’m often playing with my nieces. Generally family time and socialising and evenings at the theatre, reading, dancing and taking photographs are the things that make me happy.

Words to live by – I’m a better person when I dance. “A dance a day” – I swear by it.

Favourite yoga pose-lounging lizard

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