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If you are looking for a more personal approach to your fitness, or even to gain a deeper awareness of all things fitness related, we may have the answer. All of our barre, yoga and fitness instructors are available for one to one sessions at both Centric:3 tribes and Yogacentric. Simply email the studio to book your sessions.

Late night Sadhana Prana & Kaivalya with Jessica Stewart

Saturday 14th July | 8PM – 10PM | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

Summer series: Prana is what gives you the ‘yoga glow’ and brings you the sense of calmness, energy and radiance distinctive of a yoga practice. Kaivalya means ‘aloneness’. How can we use these two principles to enhance our yoga practice and integrate that experience into life?

This workshop comprises philosophy open discussion, breath-work, a very slow Dao Flow and Yin Yoga focusing on twists and backbends suitable for beginners to advanced students. Closing with Yoga nidra (guided relaxation), Savasana massage and mantra (chants to aid meditation and clarity).

This workshop aims to leave you lighter, focused and rebalanced, ready to embrace summer and realise your intentions.

Trust and Surrender: partner backbends and inversions with Adam Hocke

Saturday 18th August | 2:30PM – 4:30PM | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

Learn to trust, give, and receive support for poses including upward-facing bow, handstand, scorpion, and group drop-backs (don’t be frightened, anyone can do it this way!).

Beginning with a strong rhythmic flow to warm our bodies up and focus our minds, we will have a generous amount of time to explore efficient and fun partner practice. Guidance will be given on how to properly practise and assist these postures and safely work in groups of two or three.

For all levels except complete beginners.

A Yang Yin workshop: stoking the fire and warming the heart with James Cassidy

Saturday 8th September | 12:30pm-2:30pm | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

As the blossoming spring holds the promise of a radiant summer, we will embrace both yang and yin practices, combined with pranayama and meditation to stimulate and reveal our own inner radiance.