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If you are looking for a more personal approach to your fitness, or even to gain a deeper awareness of all things fitness related, we may have the answer. All of our barre, yoga and fitness instructors are available for one to one sessions at both Centric:3 tribes and Yogacentric. Simply email the studio to book your sessions.

Heart Opening Yin & Cacao Ceremony with Jess Long

Saturday 22nd September | 2pm – 4pm | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

For centuries, raw cacao has been used ceremoniously by the Aztec and Mayan people as a powerful heart opener that unlocks euphoric states, releases negative emotions and connects to pure heart energy. Often considered the ‘little brother’ of Ayahuasca and Peyote, raw cacao serves as a mild stimulant to the heart centre – and can be safely consumed by all ages. We get a fraction of this same euphoria when we eat a bar of chocolate.

Join Jess for a very special and sacred Cacao Ceremony and yin sequence designed to open the heart centre. The ceremony will consist of live music, song, ceremonial grade Cacao drinking, and meditation followed by yin yoga.

Hip Anatomy: Freedom vs Stability with Jessica Stewart

Sunday 14th October | 4pm – 6pm | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

We are all made uniquely. What does it mean to be flexible or stiff in the hips and pelvis – when should you push more, when should you back off? Whether you are a student or a teacher, whether you are really stiff or really mobile in the hips or pelvis/SI joint, this workshop will lay down some anatomy foundations that every yogi should know and help you to find out how to fine tune your practice to suit your hips – which poses will help, which ones may hinder you and how to build towards some of the more extreme hip ‘opening’ poses.

Gong and Meditation with Leo Losendai

Saturday 20th October | 1:30pm – 3pm | £25

Book online or email: [email protected]

Relax, release and rejuvenate with Leo Cosendai’s widely acclaimed Gong Bath meditation.

The harmonic and dissonant tones of gong reestablishes a healthy relationship between the parasympathetic (ruled by sound) and sympathetic nervous system (ruled by vision), aligning the body and mind while allowing you to experience altered states of consciousness. The gong also enables the brain to become efficient in producing the waves of deep sleep and trance-like states.

This workshop will enable you to experience both the calm and the storm in your mind, body and spirit.

Arm Balance 101 with Olivia Marley

Saturday 17th November | 2pm – 4pm | £30

Book online or email: [email protected]

Have you ever wondered how some people make arm balances look so easy? While you struggle to get anywhere near lift off…? We’ve totally been there too – so this workshop is for you! We’ll break down one or two of these seemingly complicated postures into much more manageable steps.

Expect to strengthen your core muscles, improve the mobility in your hips and learn how to use your upper body to support you as we gradually build towards some of the arm balances that might come up in your regular classes. Come prepared to work hard but have fun, and maybe surprise yourself with what you can do!